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Set Your Bar High: How Sara Habetz Is Creating Community Through Fitness

“Great things take consistency, time, and direct feedback. Set the bar high – people will reach it, and trust yourself.”

Hype Haus Fitness, an inclusive fitness studio, officially opened its doors on February 1, 2023. However, founder Sara Habetz had been building out her vision for it long before that. Known as one of the premiere instructors in New Orleans, she has been in the fitness industry since 2009, when she began teaching at Red Lerille’s in Lafayette, Louisiana. After spending six years in the boutique fitness industry in New Orleans, she decided it was time to follow her own dream. The process of making her dream a reality involved close to a year and a half of designing, searching for the right location, hirings and trainings, and a lot of long days and late nights.

Her best friend and fellow business owner, Katelyn Williams, inspired her to start the business. Sara describes her as “the epitome of a leader…able to ideate something, then boom, it happens.” She also says that her friend’s ability to put things into motion helped her believe she could, too. She came to realize that New Orleans was missing a premier, high-energy indoor cycling and fitness studio and knew there was a market for what she envisioned. Her vision was of a fun place with top-notch instruction and coaches along with “good bangin' music, good energy, and good people”. The thought of its potential existence gave her all the motivation she needed to get started. “When the first bike got delivered to my house, and we started creating the brand, it was better than Christmas morning. The reality of what could be became so exciting!”

Sara also credits her mom as being a highly influential person. “She is the definition of a hustler and a businesswoman. She's supported me through every avenue of life, and this one was no different.” Throughout this process, she taught her to quiet the doubt in her mind that says, "What if this doesn't work out" and lean into everything that makes Hype Haus unique, all while upholding the core values of creating a comfortable and encouraging space for people to come as they are. Her dad, who passed away nine years ago, was also an incredibly creative entrepreneur, and "Haus" is a tribute to him and her German family.

For the past fourteen years, being a fitness instructor has been her "happy". Through the rough days, rough times, even good days, group fitness has always elevated her mood and introduced her to some amazing people. The idea of making it full-time always lived in the back of her mind, but she was unsure how and was naturally hesitant about leaving her current, reliable job as an educator. She told us that the past several years as an educator brought a lot of negativity into her life, and she knew something had to change. “I was frustrated, overworked, and felt stuck in a routine that sucked the joy out of me.” Sara’s friends and family rallied behind her, and from there, she hit the ground running and never looked back. She quit her job, and six months later, her dream came true when they opened their doors to the public.

Sara says that one of the most important things she’s learned from running her own business is that having tough skin is essential because no's are part of the game and they aren't personal. Living by the mantra Success is a series of small victories,” Sara celebrates the wins every day, no matter how big or small. When asked about the obstacles she’s overcome in becoming a business owner, she gave an answer to which many entrepreneurs can agree: Juggling all the roles. “From manager, marketing, sales, instructing, and developing the team and business, I still have not mastered a "routine" and maybe I won't. Understanding that every day is different is part of the process!”

With a mission to elevate the total mind-body experience in an atmosphere that makes you feel at home, Hype Haus is a safe, comfortable, and most importantly, fun place for everyone. Her goals for the future of Hype Haus include continuing to grow a top-tier team and community that she loves, trusts, supports, and finds purpose with every day, as well as potentially expanding that team and community by adding a second location. Visit their website to learn more and find out what all the Hype is about!


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