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Our Mission

We're more than a marketing + branding agency. We're storytellers, businesswomen, creatives and beyond with a mission to build powerful brands for women and entrepreneurs who will change the world.

There are no glass ceilings around here.


no more glass ceilings, only staircases.

The glass ceiling effect is a barrier in advancement for a lot of professionals. You can't see it, but it stands in the way of promotions, pay raises, creativity and potential. It exists in the workplace for working professionals, but also for entrepreneurs who find themselves held back by glass ceilings made of money, resources, mental hurdles and doubt.

Glass Staircase is the marketing, brand and creative team who will help you break ceilings and take the stairs to new opportunities and wild success.



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We're party starters and hard working women. Our partners are our passion, and we love nothing more than to get creative and build brands with purpose.

What we value

With a longstanding background in team sports and spirit, it should be no surprise that Glass Staircase values fundamentals that form winners and powerful people. Teamwork, passion, hard work and ownership fuel us at our core.

  • Cheer for each other

  • Believe in your team

  • Be creative

  • Do the work

  • Own it

  • Love what you do with
    unstoppable passion


From small-town Seneca, Missouri I've always let my curiosity and spirit for adventure propel my way forward. It's how I found my way to the great state of Texas in 2012. If we haven't met, the first thing you'll learn is that I have a colorful background in cheerleading, sports, and events. In fact, it's shaped my career, my creativity, and my passion for hard work.


And if you know me, you already know I'm a lifelong cheerleader of women and entrepreneurs.

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