Welcome! I'm glad you're here. As a longtime coach, I know how important it is to get your hands dirty and to put in the work. I know what it's like to build a team and to form a bond with like-minded and driven individuals. They can push you, teach you, and help you grow into the professional you're meant to be. And that's why I created the Glass Staircase Internship Program. 

Inspired by my experience with confident and talented women leaders and peers in my early career, I knew I had to give back and invest in young professionals looking to make their mark. I'm here to inspire, to teach, and to challenge the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, by opening up our doors for experience, leadership, and inspiring creative work.

I hope to meet you soon and remember to always #takethestairs.

Jessica Baker


From small-town Seneca, Missouri I've always let my curiosity and spirit for adventure propel my way forward. It's how I found my way to the great state of Texas in 2012. If we haven't met, the first thing you'll learn is that I have a colorful background in cheerleading, sports, and events. In fact, it's shaped my career, my creativity, and my passion for hard work.


And if you know me, you already know I'm a lifelong cheerleader.

Soon after I learned how to run, I learned to cheer; on the sidelines, competition floor, and professionally. I cheered for teams, for friends, and for myself. I loved it. I loved the challenge, teamwork, leadership, and impact of spirit. After cheer — I coached. And learned the importance of mentorship and consistency. Coaching became my passion, so I switched my major from Biology to Marketing & Business with the dream of someday opening my own competitive cheer and gymnastics gym...but little did I know I'd be led down a different path after graduation.


Through college, every summer, I'd travel the world leading cheer camps for the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA). I found myself in places like Japan and London, doing what I loved on stage in front of hundreds of eager young athletes. But when MSSU graduation day came, it wasn't coaching that led me down my next path. it was a job in the NCA corporate marketing department in Dallas, Texas. I moved to Dallas and quickly fell in love with marketing, brand and social media. I developed content, copywriting, and created social media channels where the brand was brought to life and befriended by hundreds of thousands across the world. Video content became my next love, as I worked on developing promos for the brand and started writing for television broadcasts. My passion for cheer quickly turned into an amplified obsession with marketing and content.

After four years of leading content and marketing for NCA, parent company Varsity Spirit partnered with a digital live streaming platform FloSports in Austin, Texas. I took on the role of Senior Editor and leader for the two cheer channels, where I led the development of content including their first cheer documentaries, short-form docs, their first-ever docuseries, and online fitness program called Varsity Fit. In my first year with FloSports, we live-streamed the Cheer & Dance World Championships and topped the company leader board in channel performance. I also took on the role of Senior Partner Success Manager, managing and onboarding one of the larger company partnerships - Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). Fast-forward three years at FloSports, and I was ready to get back to my passion of propelling others forward, but this time focusing on women and entrepreneurs looking to make a breakthrough with their brands and businesses. From my professional experience, I'd learned that working with women was a passion of mine, and helping people find their voice and power was my purpose. In October of 2018, I left the corporate world and founded Glass Staircase, a marketing, brand and creative agency in Austin.

I focus my time on building brands and content for clients ready to break through glass ceilings and make big things happen. I love it, and it's not too far off from my first passion.


Jessica Baker, founder 

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