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Stronger Together: Haydee Clark Followed Her Passion and Empowers Other to Do the Same

"Entrepreneurship has always been ingrained in my spirit.”

Haydee Clark, founder and CEO of Resilient Freight Solutions – a certified Women and Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE) freight agency, embarked on the path to establishing her business in November 2019. Following nearly two decades in Sales and Marketing, her professional journey led her through various roles with different food manufacturers, immersing her in the intricacies of logistics. During this time, she identified a crucial gap in the market—an unmet need for small businesses requiring reliable support in managing their trucking and logistics services.

Haydee Clark Head shot. She's wearing a red blazer and a yellow floral shirt.

With a focus on serving the hospitality/food and beverage industry, their initial clientele was comprised of former connections from her Food Manufacturing Sales and Marketing tenure. She faced several challenges while establishing herself as a business owner in a male-dominated industry, and the onset of COVID-19 brought additional disruptions. Escalating gas prices and prevalent fraud intensified what she described as the inherent volatility of the industry. But she and her team didn't give up. They navigated these various obstacles, particularly within the trucking and logistics industry, by exhibiting resilience and implementing strategic solutions to ensure the continued success of the business. This led to the evolution of their business identity and prompted the update of their Doing Business As (DBA) to Resilient Freight Solutions, symbolizing their commitment to overcoming challenges and steadfastly supporting their customers. Their determination and commitment paid off, and Haydee now considers resilience the most important thing she’s learned from running her own business.

Raised in an entrepreneurial family in which her parents owned a restaurant in Puerto Rico for nearly four decades, she traces the roots of her strong work ethic, resilience, and drive back to those formative years spent witnessing their dedication and passion. “Without a doubt, my parents stand as the most influential figures in my life, shaping not just my professional values but also the core of who I am as an individual.” From a young age, she possessed the same entrepreneurial spirit - setting out on her first entrepreneurial venture as a teenager when she opened a Piña Colada stand in front of her parent's restaurant. From there, her ventures expanded to include roles as a dog walker and a caterer, exemplifying her passion for creating and building businesses.

Haydee began her professional journey in advertising during the early 2000s. The economic shifts post-2008 led her to explore diverse roles in Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations, primarily within her hometown of Puerto Rico. Faced with a layoff in 2013, she boldly decided to follow her aspirations. She packed her bags, along with her two loyal canine companions, and departed for Texas. She called Houston home for seven years, immersing herself in the vibrant community she found there before moving to Dallas in 2020. “The journey from the colorful streets of Puerto Rico to the dynamic landscapes of Texas has shaped my professional narrative, infusing it with resilience, adaptability, and a persistent entrepreneurial spirit.”

Haydee Clark showing off her prize at the WeDallas Business showcase and pitch.

The inspiration to establish Resilient Freight Solutions was strengthened by a personal connection; her brother's profession as a truck driver, which fueled her vision for creating a "family-centric" company. The goal became to build a business that would provide a supportive platform for her siblings and other family members. Driven by a commitment to excellence and family values, Resilient Freight Solutions was born.

Haydee clark and her friend standing in front of their vendor booth.

Throughout her journey, her guiding principles revolved around three core values: (1) empowerment, (2) actively promoting, and (3) collaborating with fellow small business owners. Empowering women, especially in business, is at the heart of these values. Actively involved in various organizations like the Women's Business Council Southwest (WBCS), Hispanic Women Network of Texas, the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association (RHCA), Association of Professional Women in Construction (APWC), and DFW CPG, she’s dedicated to promoting diversity and fostering meaningful connections. Her vision for the future involves establishing a secure and inclusive workplace for women within the predominantly male-dominated industry, and she’s committed to implementing measures that foster respect and value for women and ensuring a supportive environment that empowers their contributions to achieve this goal. When asked if she has a personal mantra or quote she lives by, Haydee said the hashtag #strongertogether resonates with her and encapsulates her philosophy, emphasizing the strength derived from unity and collaboration.

Interested in learning more or getting in touch with Haydee Clark and her team at Resilient Freight Solutions? Check out their website for additional information about their services and expertise!

Haydee Clark standing in front of a banner at a Women's Business Council event.


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