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Ignite Anew: How Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel Is Helping Others Learn to Thrive

Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel, Founder of Ignite Anew

In 2021, Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel opened a private practice, the Austin-based psychology practice Eros Rising. There, her therapy clients inspired her to dig deeper and find more ways to guide and support them. She found herself wanting to bridge the gap of experiences missing in therapy to integrate the body and mind. “So much of healing is within the body, talking just was not going to be enough.” While looking for ways to “get her clients off the couch and into their lives”, she discovered retreats. This discovery led her to create Ignite Anew, through which she helps her clients learn to thrive and love the life they live through inspirational speaking engagements, professional training and coaching, and transformative couples and women's wellness luxury retreats.

A military brat, she moved every 3-4 years throughout her childhood. She says that with these moves came a constant sense of loss that left her “a novice at nurturing relationships and terrified of feeling unlovable.” She felt forced to create new identities in an effort to fit the environments she inhabited, the result of which was first-hand experience with seeing how much our environment influences how we make meaning of the world around us. Through these experiences, she learned the invaluable lesson that context matters in understanding one’s environment.I learned people are so different and yet not at all. They wanted to be seen, heard, and celebrated. They needed permission, passion, and pleasure. We were in so many ways the same.”

Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel, Founder of Ignite Anew, December Woman Worth Following

Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel earned her B.A. in Psychology at Spelman College in 2008. Afterward, she took a break from academia to focus on other ventures before returning to graduate school in 2015. She then earned her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University, followed by her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. She worked as a server and hairstylist before becoming a licensed psychologist and sex therapist. “I believe we all have threads: things we enjoy, that energize us, and that we excel at. When you identify your threads any fulfilling career you choose is basically the same. Dynamic environments that allow me to connect and serve others without sacrificing my own identity and expression summed up my threads. I’ve been aligned with that ever since.”

Her journey has been filled with its fair share of obstacles, often centering around relationships. She first had to heal from the falling out after surviving an extremely violent marriage and subsequently becoming a single mother during the pandemic. During that time, she adopted the mindset of taking it one breath, one step, and one day at a time. This “horrific chapter” acted as the spark that ignited her desire for a better life. No longer interested in pursuing a life of survival, she wanted to thrive. To do this and get where she is today, she needed help. “I was amazed to find love, compassion, and guidance in unexpected places.” She walked the walk, sitting on the other side of the couch and working to heal old wounds. All of this has inspired her personal mantra: You can create the life you crave! Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel’s journey is far from over, though. One of her future goals involves building an ecosystem that brings together a variety of healing modalities, done by learning from others, thinking boldly, and maintaining a willingness to fail and get it wrong and then get back up again.

Ready to thrive and love the life you live? Visit Ignite Anew to learn more about embarking on your own healing journey.

Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel, Founder of Ignite Anew, posing with a group of women


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