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10+ Organizers That Will Change Your Life Instantly


Literally. It’s time to turn off Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix and start organizing your own life, business and office.

Some of the most successful people in the world attribute organization and routine to their success and there’s nothing holding you back but a bag of knotted cords, stacks of paper and a calendar that’s been begging for your attention.

Not only will we make this easy but we’re going to make it fun. We’ve shared a list of 10 of our favorite organizers to get you started.

Before you start, put this song on's great background music for online shopping and cleaning — trust me.

1. CALENDARS: Keeping a digital calendar is always a good idea with reminders, alerts and alarms, but keeping a physical calendar is a must for most people (including our team at Glass Staircase). Erin Condren calendars are customizable, full of inspirational quotes, well organized with space for notes and are just the right size for purses and backpacks. Our top pick is the custom Lifeplanner!

black and yellow personal planner organizers and trendy office supplies and essentials

2. ELECTRONICS ORGANIZER: The best $15-20 you’ll ever spend on Amazon. These organizers by BUBM have a five star rating and we’ll tell you why. Space for hard drives, headphones, memory cards, chargers and tons of slots for your cords, these organizers are a must have - especially for you jet-setters. Different sizes and colors available!

3. TRAVEL WALLET: Got receipts? Lots of em’? Us too; this travel wallet is perfect to keep your receipts, boarding passes, IDs, credit cards, passport and cash tucked away and tidy. It’s super study (adorable) and comes in about 35 different colors.

4. PROFESSIONAL WEEKENDER BACKPACK: The name says it all and for those of us who need to tote around laptops and electronics on the reg, this bag is a lifesaver. Compact and with zipper pouches for every thing you can think of, these bags are great for women on the move. And an added bonus: there’s a slot on the back of the bag so you can slide it into your carry on roller bag and whiz through the airport!

5. WRITING TOOLS + PENCIL POUCHES: If you want to fancy up your notes with colored pens and markers, but also keep your space neat -- check out these writing accessories by Erin Condren. She even has custom stickers and labels for every occasion.

6. DESK ORGANIZERS: Clean everything off your desk before you add an organizer. What needs to stay, what can go, and what can you clean up with an organizer? Here’s a list of desktop organizers that can help you get your workspace back.

Take just an hour or two out of your day this week to order your organizers and cut down the clutter. Once you’ve got your life organized, you'll start to feel like a free woman!

Have a tip or organizer you’d like to recommend? Just send us a note on the gram.


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