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I'm Defending Kendra Scott, and You Should too

YES. I was having one of those mornings where you’d really need to do me wrong to break my optimistic, “let’s take over the world today” attitude, but lo and behold – they did it.

sa-ten contemporary japanese coffee shop entrance in Austin

I was picking up a coffee at one of my favorite spots near work, Sa-Ten (if you live in Austin and you haven’t had this – please drop what you’re doing and go there now), when I overheard a conversation about one of my favorite jewelry designers, sorry no, power house business woman, Kendra Scott.

“She’s not doing anything creative anymore. All of her stuff is just cheap and imported,” They said.

At that moment, I jumped up out of my seat, marched over and looked them dead in the eye and said, “Do you have any idea who or what you’re talking about!?! She’s one of the greatest business women who’s ever lived!”


Okay, so I didn’t actually walk up to two strangers and assault them over jewelry and business, and I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I DID proudly adjust my trusty Kendra Scott necklace and assure myself they didn’t know much about Kendra.

It sounds like we know each other, but really I just follow her business and admire the environment and empire she’s created. She’s a real trailblazer.

business woman jewelry designer kendra scott creating new jewelry design pieces

Photo Credit: Kendra Scott

Ever since I’d read her story in Success Magazine a year ago, I’d kept an eye on her company, and an ear to the ground for any talks or panels she’s speak on. They call her the ‘homemade millionaire’ - she lost her life savings on her first failed business, a hat store, and rose like a phoenix to create one of the most (in my opinion) iconic jewelry stores in the US.

Not only is she all about her employees and customers, but she’s even more gung-ho for giving back. In 2016, her business gave more than 3.5 million dollars to charity. KS stores nationwide host giveback events on the regular, while her traveling Color Bar brings joy and life to hospitals. How’s that for “not creative”?

kendra scott employees wear fun yellow accessories and pose for a picture at charity event

Photo Credit: Kendra Scott

In short, the lesson I learned from this experience is perspective. I’ve found that women (and really most people) can be quick to form an opinion and even be quicker to speak it into the universe. They clearly don’t know Kendra Scott like I do, and I may not know her personally but what I do know is that she is one heck of a person who cares about people.

Stand up and cheer for the women around you who are breaking barriers, garnering success and lifting others as they rise.


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