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Best Advice: Don't buy the table buy the company

Why is it we didn't know Mila Kunis owns a production company, is a global partner with Jim Beam, and has a pretty impressive investment portfolio? It's not because we weren't paying attention. These aren't things 'ladies' are typically in the headlines for; after all production? Whiskey? Investments? Those are jobs for men...

Says who?

It's time we flip the script and shed some light on women who are breaking down some barriers and doing what they love. Mila was recently featured on the cover of Marie Claire magazine, and spoke at the women’s Power Trip conference, cluing people in to her not-so conventional work life balance.

Comfortable, down to earth and driven, Mila had a lot to say about her husband, his support, and the new outlook she’s adopted.


...was the advice she offered near the end of her Power Trip appearance when she was asked about the best advice she’d been given. She explained thinking small, and how her husband pushed her to think bigger. Much bigger

“When I started dating my husband, I was like, WOW…I really like this table, I should buy another one. And my husband’s brain worked like this, “Wow, I really like this table. I’m going to buy the company.” Kunis described herself as a small and temporary thinker, but all of that transformed when she started taking it all in and looking for more opportunities. Now she’s not only a power house Hollywood star, but a fierce business woman.

Some pearls of wisdom from Mila’s talk:

  1. Don’t buy the table buy the company.

  2. Invest in the person, not the company.

  3. Bourbon is not a man’s drink.

mila kunis sitting with jim bean bourbon

Photo Credit: Jim Beam

And much more really, but we’ll leave it up to you to do your research and find out more about Mila and her journey in creating a legacy to talk about.

For now, let’s raise our glasses and toast to another fabulous female on the rise.

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