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Jordan Petsy Transformed Doubt into Studio Lavoo Success

Jordan Petsy headshot, she's standing in front of a photography backdrop and is wearing a light green button up

With over 10 years of photography and video experience under her belt, in January 2023, Jordan Petsy decided to stop letting doubt and lack of confidence hold her back. Craving opportunities and experiences greater than what her job could provide, she was done wasting time feeling unfulfilled. From this hunger, Studio Lavoo was born. With her newly established visual agency in tow, Jordan was now chasing her dream clients, defining her style, and embracing every growth opportunity that came her way. “The growth that came with changing my career is what I was searching for, I just didn’t know it then.”  

Growing up, the deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit was in Jordan’s family. Her great-grandfather moved to the United States from Italy at 15 years old and started his own business. She witnessed the impact the experience had on both her grandfather and father. Their desire for respect, autonomy, and passion in their work inspired Jordan to trust her gut when an idea tugs and “to do rather than think too hard about something when inspiration strikes."

A black and white shadowy photo Jordan took of a girl. The girl is hiding half her face and is wearing an all black lacy long sleeve dress.

When Jordan moved to Austin, Texas in 2013 her plan wasn’t clear-cut. She lived with her cousin and worked odd jobs until she got a gig assisting a local photographer. That job ultimately became the catalyst for her career. Just a year later, she transitioned to working full-time with Kendra Scott at a moment when their growth was at its peak. Her 7 years at Kendra Scott, taught her what she did and didn’t like professionally, and brought her a community of colleagues whose profound relationships have continued to impact her success today. “I had some of the most incredible colleagues. I still call most of those women friends, mentors, and clients.” Jordan’s next move pushed her even further out of her comfort zone. As the first employee hired at a CPG start-up, the learning curves that came with navigating the autonomy of a fully remote role helped her harness her time management skills and ask important questions. This growth sparked a newfound confidence that deepened her desire to go out on her own. 

She shared with us a phrase that inspired her bold decision-making and risk-taking.  “I want to live my own dream, not someone else’s,” was a sentiment mentioned to Jordan by a friend during a transitional period in their career. It stuck with her, and in 2023 it was Jordan’s turn to do just that. She credits the support of her partner, Ryan, as a pivotal part of her transition out of the static place she was in. Having been through a transformational career journey of his own, he understood the hurdles she was going through, but even more importantly, he recognized and encouraged her potential.

A photo of a cowgirl boot sitting above the water. The water has the reflection of the clouds in it.

Since starting Studio Lavoo, Jordan has learned to be vulnerable and put herself in positions to succeed. Stepping out of what’s comfortable, is what has allowed her to harness the untapped levels of her potential.  She’s come to realize that “people generally want you to succeed” and “when someone hires you, it’s because they’re putting trust in you.” The realization that she’s the one with the ability to make her dreams a reality is what’s helped her thrive and become her own biggest advocate. With the mantra, “It’s good to do hard things,” she’s her own biggest source of motivation, pushing herself, pitching herself, and advocating for herself to put herself and her business in front of the clients she dreams of working with. 

When asked for her biggest piece of advice, she said, “There is literally no time in this life to hold back. Our fear of striking out is really just a primal instinct not to run into a dark cave. Trying to live your dream is not equal to running into a dark cave. Seriously, you won’t get eaten by a bear.”

Next up, you’ll find Jordan doing a stint in New York where she plans to hone in her technical studio photography skills and push her career even further than she ever thought possible. With a dream of working in the fashion space, New York is calling and Jordan is not holding back. 

To see some of Jordan’s incredible and creative work, head over to Studio Lavoo to take a look at their portfolio.

A photo of Jordan Petsy kneeling down and posing in front of an all white back drop. She's wearing a light grey blazer, light denim jeans, and white and black platform boots.


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