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5 Easy Things You Can Do To Join The Women's Equality Movement

Movement or moment? There’s a lot of talk about the spotlight on women and equality, and some say this is only a ‘moment’ in modern-day history and the world will soon return to the imbalanced state of gender and minority inequality; but we think not.

Once you see the facts and experience the unfairness yourself it’s difficult to turn a blind eye…which is why we're encouraging fellow equality seekers and advocates (male and female) to start practicing these five things everyday.

It’s pretty simple and step 1 is the most important.


Equality: The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

(Equal: Equality between two things means they are the same.)

There is an imbalance of power and rights, and these are just a few of the issues:

  • Females make up over half the population in the US, and are represented by 80% males in congress.

  • 2018 research shows that women in the US make $0.80 on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. That gap is wider for black and hispanic women, who earn 62.5% and 54.4%, respectively, of the paychecks their male colleagues receive.

  • Women are often taken advantage of, objectified, and dehumanized by society. (If you just said something along the lines of “she asked for it” in your head as you read this - you are a part of the problem.)

businessmen and businesswomen socializing at work


The more you know the more you can become a relevant part of the conversation. Do your research and consult with other women and men on topics pertaining to equality. Discuss wages and negotiating tactics to level the “paying field”. Do your research on market rates for the position you’re applying for.

Continuously seek reliable sources for information and continued education. Read, be a part of the conversation and be aware of your rights and who’s standing up for them; in your everyday life and politically.


If you’re in a setting where the “boys will be boys” scenario is at hand — speak up.

*Begin Scene*

You’re sitting at a conference room table with two men. The meeting hasn’t started yet, so there’s some small talk.

John: “Brad, did you hear Abby got that promotion? With an ass like that I’m sure she’ll be a VP pretty soon.”

You Option A: *silence*

You Option B: “John - I’m don’t think Abby would appreciate that comment, and I’m certain her PHD and work ethic have more to do with her success than her physical attributes.”

*End Scene*

The more the world becomes aware of objectification and the dehumanization of women, the higher the likelihood we’re able to overcome it.


Know that you are good enough, you are strong enough, and gender roles do not apply to you if you do not wish them to. Confidence is a much-needed headspace for success and the movement toward equality. Empower others and empower yourself to step up in the movement to create equality for women and for all.


Use your skills for good and become a mentor (or men-tee). Start to transfer your knowledge and skills to other women so they’re empowered to do the same. Look at other driven women as allies and peers opposed to competition. The saying “we rise by lifting others” is so true, and as women begin supporting and encouraging other women, it won’t be so lonely for females at the top.

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