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Bithia Dantoumda Brings African Culture And Authenticity To Austin With Her Brand Creative Days Art

At 2 a.m, Bithia Dantoumda, a junior at The University of Texas, can usually be found in her bedroom with a paintbrush in hand. In the moment, other thoughts disappear and her focus is on creating. When she was 4 years old, Bithia’s family of five left their home country of Burkina Faso and planted themselves in Tyler, Texas. When they moved to America, Bithia said they didn’t have very much money saved up and struggled financially. Growing up as an international student, Bithia said she knew she would have to work even harder to achieve her dreams. At the age of 12, she began showing an interest in art. Her father immediately bought her an array of expensive art supplies. She said her fathe

The Era Of Toxic Productivity

It’s time we have an open and honest conversation about our work habits, ladies and gents. In today's American work culture we operate on a 24/7 schedule, and if there were more hours in the day, we’d find a way to make use of them. I’ve said it before, “if only there was more time in the day.” Is the development of toxic productivity doing more harm than good? I think so. Instead of being inspired and producing results, this mindset can lead people to feel guilty when they feel they aren't doing all they can to achieve their goals; make more money, become an entrepreneur, be the boss. The expectations we’re putting on ourselves can be more toxic than the popular Britney Spears song...But it

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